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Toilet Repair & Replacement in Peoria, AZ

Broken Toilet? Get Help Now!

A problem with one or more toilets in your home is grounds for fast action. If you need a local plumber in Peoria to help you with a clogged, leaking, ghost flushing, or otherwise broken toilet, look no further than Trident Plumbing & Drain. We're known for providing high-quality plumbing services in Peoria and the surrounding areas.

Call now for help with:

  • Flapper Replacement
  • Fill Valve Replacement
  • Tank-to-Bowl Seal Replacement
  • Handle and Flush Valve Repair
  • Pipe and Connection Repair
  • Toilet Tank Insulation
  • And more

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Quality Solutions for Common Toilet Problems

Trident Plumbing & Drain's qualified plumbers are equipped to help you resolve all kinds of toilet issues, including:

  • Clogged Toilets: One of the most common issues homeowners face is a clogged toilet. When a plunger doesn't seem to be working, one of our plumbers can use specialized tools to clear the blockage and restore proper flushing.
  • Running Toilets: A running toilet that doesn't stop refilling can waste a significant amount of water. A plumber from Trident Plumbing & Drain can diagnose the cause, which may be a faulty flapper valve, a defective fill valve, or other internal components, and repair or replace them as needed.
  • Leaking Toilets: If you notice water pooling around the base of the toilet, you'll need to act quickly to resolve the leak and protect your flooring. We can help you identify the cause of the leak, which may be a damaged wax ring, loose connections, or a crack in the toilet bowl, and make the necessary repairs.
  • Weak Flushing: If your toilet doesn't flush with enough force or has trouble removing waste, it may have a partial clog or an issue with the flushing mechanism. Let us help you determine the cause and resolve the problem, ensuring proper flushing performance.
  • Toilet Flushing By Itself: Often called “ghost flushing,” a toilet that flushes by itself is suffering from a water leak from the tank into the bowl. When the tank gets low enough, it triggers a flush. This can waste a lot of water, so make sure you have your toilet inspected and repaired as soon as possible.

Toilet Replacement & New Installs

Toilets don't last forever. If your toilet is old, damaged, or outdated, Trident Plumbing & Drain can help you choose a new toilet that suits your needs and install it correctly. If you're building a new bathroom and need a toilet installed for the first time, we can help with that as well! Working with us for your fixture installation service ensures proper alignment, sealing, and connection to the water supply.

For all of your toilet repair and toilet replacement needs in Peoria, Glendale, or any of the surrounding areas, call 623-250-6244.

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Trident Plumbing & Drain is proud to serve Phoenix, Arizona and other surrounding areas.

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At Trident Plumbing & Drain, we will always put you first. That's why so many people in Phoenix trust us time and again.

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